In 2012 our founder's sister, Diane, was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer.  Chemo therapy often rendered her nauseous for days, additionally her tumors hurt regularly.   When she could stomach it, Diane would eat tiny slices brownies, but without a consistent way to measure dosage, finding alternative routes of ingestion became a priority. Before she got sick, Diane would enjoy a “little green” with her friends, and asked if it was possible to make that into a tea. With a little experimentation with her  Jamaican Grandmother's  "green roots tea,"  we settled on what is now known as G's Teas.  Georgina  loved making teabags so much , she continued to make teabags for Diane, as well as  for her close circle of friends to enjoy.  The teabags  allowed Diane to comfortably, and confidently  choose the correct amount of medicine to combat her symptoms, and used G's Teas until she passed away in February of 2014.