Rejuvenating Tea

Rejuvenating Tea


This tea comes infused with the strain Heavy Lifter . It is 19% CBD, but what makes this strain unique is it’s farnesene dominate terpene profile.

While it’s not considered one the primary terpenes in cannabis, farnesene has a number of health benefits. Found in turmeric, farnesene has anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally farnesene also has a calming effect and may help suppress spasms.”

Each teabag comes with 20mgs of hemp derived CBD. 3 free hemp honey sticks included.

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Hemp teabags have been known to ease pain, reduce anxiety, and assist sleep. Each tea bag is loaded with 60mgs of full spectrum CBD bio matter.

We are using Electra, which is known for it high CBD content, at 17%.

Each package comes with 15 yeabags.