Hemp Flower Preroll, by Trees by G

Hemp Flower Preroll, by Trees by G

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The Original Hemp Buds were one of the first companies to offer Hemp Flower. All of their flower is grown on organic farms in Oregon or Indoor farms in Upstate New York. They use no pesticides, sprays or fertilizers. This Elektra strain tests at just under 17% Total CBD and contains a wide terpene profile. Δ9 THC at .06% well under the legal limit of .3% View the lab results for full details of terpenes.

Elektra is one of the most aromatic and powerful strains we offer. The buds are dense and sticky and nicely trimmed. The smell is very strong and skunky and almost resembles sour diesel. When smoked or vaped this elektra hemp flower has an almost cherry like taste and you can really taste the terpene profile of earthiness and citrus.

Elektra has a nice calming effect making it great for nighttime use and to help you get a good nights sleep. It also has a nice clear headed mellow effect which is good for the daytime or when unwinding after a long day of work.

All Hemp Flower is shipped in sealed bags or jars and comes with lab reports and Letter to Law Enforcement. All shipping and packaging is discreet!