How does CBD/THC help erectile dysfunction?

The arousal response to THC is well documented in cis women , unfortunately it isn’t always the same for cis men.

Too much THC has been known to cause anxiety. Anxiety has been known to cause erectile dysfunction in people who have penises. It’s kind of like trying to turn on the bathroom facet with a piece of cooked spaghetti. It doesn’t matter how big the meatballs are nobody is getting wet.

But CBD can counteract the intensity of its high producing counterpart. A good 1:1 THC:CBD ratio is probably the best course of action It will provide good mixture of euphoria, and relaxation, without too much knockout power.

When using cannabis edibles to put your significant other in the mood for a night free of inhibitions, better try the micro-dosing method first. It is recommends 1-3 milligrams of THC to bring on the all-important mental shift, but YMMV.

g bai