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Who we are

G's Teas started as a way to help my sister with  chronic pain, and nausea caused by chemotherapy.  She relied on brownies, but it was impossible cutting a brownie into 20 equal pieces for a correct dose.   We began to look into alternatives when her cancer spread, and eating became difficult.   After a period of  experimentation, we created blend whch she could dose precisely.   My sister used G's teas until her death in 2014.

I am proud to share G's teas with you. 

Regardless if you have libido, or appitite probles, cronic pain or insonmia, G's teas will sooth with each delishous cup.

Thank you for choosing G's Teas.

Why G's Teas?

Regardless of why you're using #GTeas,  there is a  teabag for you.  Each bag is mixed with a  carefully measured  blend of herbs, spices, flavorings. This versatility allows you complete control over how much you consume. Because of their discrete nature   G's teas an be consumed anywhere.   An additional feature is they are sugar free, vegan, and individually  hand made.       

G's Teas also carries a line  of infused condiments, perfect for any enhancing meal, for those times you want to enhance your meals with a little cannabis, without the overwhelming taste.

My famous Almond, honey, cannabis ice cream ,and Tai ice tea has been a summer staple, but are only available at our infused meal events.